Thursday, June 10, 2010

Big Pimpin'

I was a little bored last week and pimped out my pink Expression. We'll blame it on the Fedex guy.
There is her front. I used a vinyl sticker I got on clearance from Mike's and glittered stickers to embelish the sides.
Here is her backside. It will never be a big deal if I get bored with it, it comes off easily if you want it gone.

Do you know those white spinning tool racks they have for 39.99? Yeah, they're cool and all, but never would I pay that, not even with a coupon.
Until it was sold as it for missing a drawer for 9.99. Then they gave me the coupon price, and I paid 6.00 for it! Hello!
Problem was, it was white. Whiter than virgin snow. Nothing in my house is that white for long. So as I was cleaning up my craft room one night, I picked up a sheet of rub on's I picked up at Big Lots for a buck. These were so cool, swirly and graceful, everything I'm not.
Then I leveled my eye at the caddy, turned it upside down, spewing forth the contents in every direction in my crazed creative pimpin' state. Then I turned loose with my popcicle stick and quickly realized what a pain in the ass those are. I really want that new rub on tool!

Then came my HAHA! AHA! moment!

I have a dry embossing pen! It has a metal ball on the end, it doesn't roll, but it might do the trick.

Guess what?

You already know it does! Holy fluffy angora fur! This made it so easy, I tossed that popcicle stick over my shoulder with abandon and haven't seen it since.

On to the pictures!

I feel better now.

Have a great one on me!


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