Wednesday, August 11, 2010

See What Happens?

I love Kim over at Today's Creative Blog, she was the first blog I ever faithfully followed. She featured so many cool creative people, and opened a lot of creative doors for me as well.
Have you ever gone to someone's blog and liked what you saw so much you just kept clicking on older posts, and before you know it you've reached the end?
(Yeah, it's a disease!)
And how many blogs do you follow, read all the time, but never comment?
I am one of those sad people.
I have tried to leave some comments, but for whatever reason, if it's Firefox or what, it won't let me sign in, the box is blank. I did take the time to email the person, just to let them know I thought it was cool enough to say something.
Just some random thoughts to share...

Cupcakes Galore!

When approached to make 75 cupcakes for the VBS at our church, I didn't even blink. 75? No problem!
Originally I had planned on having them topped and looking the coolest ever!
But then they didn't want them frosted, because they were going to decorate them at the church, and thought the frosting would get too hard to decorate.
So I knew I wanted to kick it up a notch.
How does one do that?
Colorful cupcakes!
I loved this, and it doesn't take much longer to do at all! Just divide the batter into however many bowls you're doing colors, you can use food coloring (I used color paste) and go crazy!
Dip it into the cupcake holders, a color at a time, and bake as normal.
Here is a picture of the 75:
Do you see the chocolate ones in there too? Yes, when committing to baking to many, make sure you have enough for the whole project, right? But who doesn't love chocolate? It's variety!
Here are a few pics of extra ones I kept to make pretty for us:
Have a great one!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dollar Store Frames

You can do so much with those Dollar Store frames, I've made gifts, projects, the list goes on...
For the last month, my 4th of July hangings have been up in the dining room, and it was time for them to come down. But I don't have three items for that wall. (I do this all the time, I'll hang something cause it looks good, then later have holes or nails in the wall.) And this is the main wall between the kitchen and the living room, you have to walk by this to get anywhere in the house.
So last night I sat in my craft room, yearning to be creative. This last weekend I had bought three sheets of rub on's from Bo Bunny, I fell in love! I often buy things and have no direction of what I'm going to do with them. I've had things for years before I've used them. Please don't tell me I'm the only one that does this.
Actually, I don't need the confirmation, my husband does. I'm still using paper I bought five years ago! (And boy have my tastes and the styles changed, for the better!)
I'm babbling...
So I'm looking at the rub on's, thinking maybe I would bling out my storage units in the scrap area. Then it hit me, they're pretty enough to be a picture!
So two 4by6's and one 5by7 later, rubbed onto cardstock, watermark stamped for an added texture, and I have this....
I'll leave this up for about a month, then I'll be putting out the fall stuff. Then these pretties will go into my craft room.

I'm linking this up today!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

4th of July Goodies

How's this for a month late?
I bought these at the last minute for my 4th cookout, used the 4th cart for my Cricut and came up with these:
I know the Freedom isn't stuck all the way, but you know what? I really kinda like it that way.
I also bought a condiment caddie for you know, condiments, and silverware. I forgot to take a picture on the day, so imagine these things in there, and check it out.
The ric rack got a little wonky, but the pendants stay on, (Mostly), those were cut from the 4th too. I'll also use any excuse to put ric rack on something. (Because you cannot ever have enough paper or ric rack. Seriously. Every Christmas these two things are on my list.)
I only have one picture of my goodie, I was so busy I didn't take any pictures, and my husband was busy entertaining and didn't take as many pictures as I wanted....
Simple Angel food covered in Cool Whip and strawberries and blueberries. Tastes good and EASY to make.

There is what I have for my very late 4th. Jim just took two out of the house, so I must go play in the craft room now!


Monogram Love

I've noticed that monograms are pretty popular right now, so I came up with this.
It's sitting (Well, actually hanging.) next to the stairs in the dining room.
Why do I love this? Well, I made it, for starters! But the frame, the colossal frame I actually got from Wal Mart for $2.50. (Because even though they usually put the clearance stuff at a buck or two off and call it good for the next several months, somehow this beauty escaped into a dimensional pocket to only reappear when I happened down the isle.)
I backed it with a wrapping paper I've had for about a year, (Maybe I should explain my love for paper goes far beyond scrapbook paper, I also have a wrapping paper addiction.) But I bought this with the intention of using it for something other than wrapping. It's not thick enough to Mod Podge with it though. It wrinkled up on my frame, sad!
I used white vinyl cut with the Cricut for the M. (One of the Cake carts, can't remember which right now.)
And voila! Love the colors! Love the monogram!