Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cake Balls!

I was inspired by Bakerella to make cake pops. I call them cake balls, but when you add the stick ironically enough they become a cake pop.
Last week I made a batch as a test run, because as soon as I saw these, I knew it would be the perfect treat for the end of the school year picnic at the kids school. So I made banana, strawberry, dark chocolate. They tasted good, but the consistency was a bit mushy. Time to do some research!
I browsed a few (several) dozen sites and on Monday made two batches of cake. Wanting to be festive, I chose red velvet and a white cake tinted blue. (Can you believe that until yesterday I'd never had red velvet cake? It's right on up there with Devil's now.) I baked the cakes and let them sit in the open air all night.
The next day I used a fork and broke up the cake, then using my hands crumbled it into a bowl. I let that sit for about an hour, going back and tossing it every now and then.
The reason for all this sitting out in the air is because with my first batch, it was a bit mushy. My cake had been too moist, and I may have added too much binder.
For the blue cake I used cream cheese frosting, and I only used slightly less than 3/4 of the can. For the red velvet I used chocolate, and I used about the same amount. When mixed it should hold form when picked up. I put both batches in the fridge for about two-three hours.
I took my melon scooper, and you'll want that pretty much even and roll that into a ball, putting that onto your sheet. I take this time to insert the stick into the ball. I dip the stick into the some of the melted candy chocolate then into the ball. I noticed this time it did seem to help keep the ball stable.
After rolling both batches into ball, and sticking them, I put both back into the fridge for another two hours.
You need pretty firm balls if you're going to dip them, I haven't frozen them, though I've heard if you dip the frozen balls, the chocolate will crack as the ball thaws. Makes sense to me.
I used regular white chocolate candy melts to dip these in, though I did add a little shortening here and there to loosen up the chocolate.
Dipping can be a bit of an art, I've taken the easy road with the sticks, I just dip the ball in take a spoon and twirl the pop and spoon the chocolate over the top. Then keep on swirling and bring the pop out of the chocolate. This works 90% of the time. The other 10% I tried other things which gave me various results, the gentle twirl is good. I then sprinkled some fun things on. I'm not much for sprinkles, but kids love em.

Onto the Balls! (Pops!)
My undecorated ones for later!

I busted two open so you could see the inside. Still looks cakey! Buena!


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