Friday, April 23, 2010

I'll Be On My Way Soon

In just a few short hours, I'll be on my way To the Hilton at O'Hare for the Provo Craft training.
I'm too excited for words! I wish I had a laptop so I might be able to keep up while I'm gone, but I'll take good pictures and good notes and catch everything up when I get back.
Wish me luck!

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Chicago? I won't have much time (or rather none) to explore, but I am making Jim take me to Trader Joe's.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Button Rings

I saw some button rings posted through my Reader a few weeks ago, and fell in love.
But you know what the problem with jewelry and I? I have a severe reaction to nickel in jewelry. Do you know how many years I would watch all these girls, then women wear some of the coolest stuff and I just couldn't? I tried not to pay attention, but lately with all the fabulous stuff out there it's been really really hard not to.
So I checked Michael's and Hobby Lobby, tell me what is the purpose of the rings with the smaller rings on them? Does anyone know?
But I did find some nickel free rings with the plate on it just like I wanted, how exciting!
Brought my goodies home, dug through my jars of buttons and came up with six decent looking rings!
All together now, one, two, three....
I've been wearing this one the most, and wore off the silver lining to it already. I'll have to put a clear coat of nail polish or laquer. I have having caustic skin!

I'm About To Embark On An Incredible Journey

Who doesn't want to get paid for doing something they love?


One day last week I was reading through my Reader, and I happened upon a post that said Provo Craft needed sales specialists to demo the Cricut. I clicked the link and the one near me still needed filling so I shot off an email and didn't think much else of it.
Enter Monday, I talk to Allie from the company hired out to hire the Sales Specialists, and she give me the run down.
Start May 2, five hours every Sunday until the end of June, and oh, there's a training in Chicago this weekend. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Would this be a problem?
I answer quickly that I can make it work. But my head is spinning, I'll have to ask my husband to take time off work, what about the kids? Anya still nurses at night!
Jim talked me off the ledge, Anya would be fine, she's 18 months old, she doesn't need me like that much anymore, (And I've been watching, it's true, the last three nights she's just suckled a tiny bit and then she's out.) The kids will be fine, he'll have them. And he can take the time off work, it would be worth it.
So Tuesday is a flurry of interviews, paperwork, phone calls, more paperwork, like three hours paperwork. Holy cow!
I find out that a lot of the women going have two years plus experience with the Cricut. I have about a month. I'll just put on my Newbie shirt and I'll be fine.
So in just a few short days I'll be staying at the Hilton at O'Hare and cramming my head full of all things Cricut. I'm supposed to be learning about the Cricut Cake. I've decorated a few cakes, and I cannot wait to get my hands on this.

I'll be keeping this updated, though not while I'm gone. I don't have a laptop. (awwwww) I'll be taking notes and pictures though! Wish me luck!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Date Night?

I used to snicker at the thought of a date night with your own husband. I found it laughable that you would get a sitter for the kids to get out of the house for a few hours with your SO. We would do that spending time together after the kids went to bed.

Well, my birthday (In January, look at the date of this post.) I wanted some Margaritas from Hacienda. I thought it would be perfect after almost three years of not going out.
Babysitter for all three kids? (My oldest being at her father's.) I consistently had one back out. So finally I broke down and asked my mother if she would watch Anya. If anyone anyhow it should be her, Anya likes her so much.

So we were all set up, my mom watched Anya and Nikki, and we took Jimmy down to his mom's and she watched him overnight.

I had a great time. I forgot what it was like to eat a meal without someone climbing all over me. No arguments at the table, it was really nice!
We had a neighboring table next to us with an open window separating us that had a three year old girl and a five year old boy, and they were a lot of fun. They'd say hi, he's poke his head around the corner and sneak a peek once in a while. Their parents tried to apologize to us, but it was good. We explained we had quite the clan at home.
The highlight of the night came from the little boy. He was pretending to play McDonald's, and wanted to take my order. I told him I didn't like McDonald's, so he wanted to give me pizza instead. So he delivered that through the window, and then asked if my 'dad' wanted some.
My DAD. My husband.
I thought it was the best compliment to me EVER. Jim was a little put off, and I've had a few jabs at him since. "Dad, can I run to the store to pick up a few things?" I don't see that one going away for a while.

So overall, I now understand the reason for having a Date Night. I hope it won't be three more years before I have another, but this one will carry with me for a long time to come.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inspired Frames

I'm calling these Inspired because I was totally inspired by Lanie from She made these frames and I fell in love. I also know I could do it.

See, I have this problem. Well Husband thinks it's a problem, and now that I'm cycling through a lot more paper, I realize it's a problem too.

I LOVE paper. Scrapbook paper. I have a lot. I had scads. I will meander through the store and can't resist the siren call of paper. Not just paper because it is paper, but because certain patterns and color schemes call to me. So I'll buy and and then later try to figure out a use for it.

I do scrapbook, and I do like to use a little bit of pattern here and there, but I really do like simple lines, and crisper feeling pages. (It wasn't always that way though.) So I'd look at the paper and hesitate, "Is it too much?" "I hate to just use a little and be stuck with an odd paper later on."
I have gotten over the waste issue. I have organized papers in such ways that I do go through them often, and if I've 'outgrown' the pattern I slip it onto the kid's craft tote so they can use it for a project later on.

So my frames are very similar, those hers are way more classic than mine.

The first three I made for my sister, she wanted something in her bedroom.

These two make me so happy. They're so cheery and bright!

I can't stop making these, I'm going to have them in my shows this year. I'm so excited about this!

I too used burlap in the middle, along with a stamped image and flower. Cutting the burlap can be messy! I took it out to the deck and cut up two yards so I wouldn't have to keep getting the fibers all over me and the craft room.I'm hoping to get some 'found' items incorporated into them as well. I have more sitting in my craft room waiting to get finished up.


I'm trying to comment on my blog, and other blog's and it's not letting me. I click on the post comment and it just sits there. I'm signed in, and the box that says comment as is blank? What am I doing wrong?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter/Spring decor

I'm going to have to learn how to cook and bake my holiday meals, plus get out and work the crowd with my camera. I love my husband dearly, and he takes good pictures, but I think he forgets we have a digital camera. We can take hundreds of pictures. It's ok!
So a few days after the crowd cleared, I took pictures of the house.
In the kitchen on my Red Retro Table, I took a cake stand and turned it over for the 'punch bowl', added spanish moss for a nest, eggs I found at Michael's (I love the colors of these eggs.) The little chick bowl was on clearance at Michael's three weeks before Easter, so I snatched him up too.

I did the same thing out on my dining room table, but added two birds(from the dollar tree) under it. Those two candle sticks I got from Hobby Lobby, I still have to paint the right hand one black. But those babies were 90% off! I paid less than eight bucks for the pair.

The birds. I'm thinking I may have to paint them now, but I don't know if I should just do a wash, or completely start over with them. I know I've seen a ton of these birds around blog-land, and they all look great. Mine are in their original state. Kinda sad?

On the stove, a simple vase filled with eggs. I'm still loving these colors!

At the front entry I have this. I like it enough, but I think next year I'm going to go with something more custom.

I have four of those little trees scattered around the house as well, and a few things on the mantle. I thought overall it looked pretty good, and not one person said anything. Husband likes it, and says that people just expect it of me, and don't say anything because of that. I say if you thought I did a good job, you should say so. I make a point to compliment hostess' on the little details she put in, it really makes a difference!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rocky's Veggie Casserole

I don't know what else to call this, I'm not even sure where she got the idea. My sister is Rocky by the way. Growing up I was Birdie and she was Rocky. We still go by those names, and all that has nothing to do with this post.

So she has this casserole that I LOVE. If she's bringing a dish to pass I always call her and insist that she bring this. It's that good.

What is in this magical vegetable dish?

One head cauliflower, one head/stem broccoli, and a package of fresh brussel sprouts. The key here is that these are all fresh. Not frozen. Box of Penne noodles, ssome olive oil, and a wedge of asiago cheese. (Now we've gotten elaborate with the cheeses trying different ones out alongside the asiago. Very good, but very expensive.)

Boil water, throw your noodles in with your chopped veggies. Let boil until noodles are soft and your veggies are done too. Drain. Lay out into a casserole dish and sprinkle on olive oil, stir well. I grate the cheese, Rocky just slices it up into small chunks. And heere is a picture of my shredded cheese, I just needed a chance to show off my grating skills and the fabulous Liberty of London bowl. I could just DIE! (hahahaha, no really. Those bowls I love, I only wish there was a cash flow to get me the canisters and other goodies.)

Before oven shot. Notice something off? I swore I had a box of penne noodles. I had to settle for elbow noodles, so for the record, it didn't really make a difference, so throw caution into the wond and use all manner of noodles!
Put in the oven for about ten fifteen minutes, long enough for the cheese to get ooooeeyy gooeeeyyy. Voila! Put on a plate and there you have it. Salt and pepper to taste.

This is so easy to make. And so good. Try it, tell me if you like it.

On another note, I write posts right from the dashboard. Is it just me or is inserting pictures a pain in the butt? I upload, it goes to the top of the post, I cut, find where it needs to go and paste. Sometimes I forget about a picture I took, and I have to scan over allt he code for the break I need to write about the picture. I dunno, maybe I'm being petulant.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Am A Bad Bloggy Owner

But a terrific bloggy follower.

Last post.... December. December!
Alas, this does not mean I haven't been crafting! I have! My resolutions about getting away from the computer (AKA Time Suck) haven't worked so much. But I'm okay with that, I haven't any followers to disappoint.

Onto the latest!
The Easter feather wreath!

Pretty, but a little bit of a pain to make.

And crocheted eggs!
I haven't followed a pattern yet. I suppose that makes me something, but not sure what. My crochet skills are basic if nothing else.

I am also scheduled for three craft shows later this summer. Very excited about those. I've thought about Etsy, but I'm currently doing a lot of eBay stuff for the husband, and can't stand to sit at the computer that long.

Another post.......