Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Button Rings

I saw some button rings posted through my Reader a few weeks ago, and fell in love.
But you know what the problem with jewelry and I? I have a severe reaction to nickel in jewelry. Do you know how many years I would watch all these girls, then women wear some of the coolest stuff and I just couldn't? I tried not to pay attention, but lately with all the fabulous stuff out there it's been really really hard not to.
So I checked Michael's and Hobby Lobby, tell me what is the purpose of the rings with the smaller rings on them? Does anyone know?
But I did find some nickel free rings with the plate on it just like I wanted, how exciting!
Brought my goodies home, dug through my jars of buttons and came up with six decent looking rings!
All together now, one, two, three....
I've been wearing this one the most, and wore off the silver lining to it already. I'll have to put a clear coat of nail polish or laquer. I have having caustic skin!