Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Am A Bad Bloggy Owner

But a terrific bloggy follower.

Last post.... December. December!
Alas, this does not mean I haven't been crafting! I have! My resolutions about getting away from the computer (AKA Time Suck) haven't worked so much. But I'm okay with that, I haven't any followers to disappoint.

Onto the latest!
The Easter feather wreath!

Pretty, but a little bit of a pain to make.

And crocheted eggs!
I haven't followed a pattern yet. I suppose that makes me something, but not sure what. My crochet skills are basic if nothing else.

I am also scheduled for three craft shows later this summer. Very excited about those. I've thought about Etsy, but I'm currently doing a lot of eBay stuff for the husband, and can't stand to sit at the computer that long.

Another post.......

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