Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Card, And A Little Cake

I did manager to get into my craft room last week and make something. One of the girls at Michaels loves bacon as much as I do, and I just bought the Just Because cart two weeks ago and while Cricut doesn't have a bacon image yet, they do have an egg one. This is what I came up with....
I embossed the yolks of the eggs, since I can't get Diamond glaze locally. It just needed a little something extra.
It's a pretty simple card, the font is from Cake Basics, welded with the Gypsy. Still loving the Gypsy!

Onto my demo cakes, it would help me so much if I didn't wait until late Saturday night to make them. I'm up until 3:30 in the morning finishing them up. Even after having the Cake out on the counter all week. I did cut cheese, that was really fun and easy. I bought some of the Duff fondant, chocolate, and it was very good to smell and taste. Like tootsie rolls, yum! The frosting sheets sent to us are brittle in odd places, but I'm making it work, and I still think we're not rolling the gum paste as thin as we're supposed to. I'm thinking about placing an order for some SugarVeil. Expensive, but the thought of having something fabric like to cut is so tempting.
On to the goodies!
Jim wanted to do this cake. We only did it for fun though, Michaels no longer carries the Solutions carts, so I can't demo any of those. (This is from the Indie Art) and Brandy who will be 15 in September wants this for her cake now.
I wanted to do something elegant, and this seemed simple and elegant enough to fit the bill. Later for the demos I put a pink grosgrain ribbon around the bottom. I forgot to take pictures while demoing, it was pretty busy this week.
And with all the graduations going on these next few weeks I thought this would be pretty fitting. I put a blue ribbon at the bottom of this one. And the manager asked if she could keep one in the store, I left this one, it's from the first week and starting to look a little rough, so if something happens to it it wouldn't be a big deal.
And last but not least, the cheese! I made these for Jimmy's snack for school. They were a hit, and so easy to do!
I'll be buying a Cake after I have to give this one back, I'm already having interest in it from friends and family. I think Jim is on board with that as well. He stays up with me and helps decorate, and if it weren't for him I never would have started in the first place.

Until next time....

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