Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cricut Training And More

I got back from Chicago Monday, and ever since my life has been a flurry of activity. Catching up with the kids, catching up on the DVR, (really not so much there, watched Celebrity Apprentice and that was about it.) going to look at my Michael's store. And right now there is NO other craft store in my world officially. None. And the pain. Yes the pain, I've had major shoulder pain and headaches all week. It's getting better, but I'm still there. The emails from my Market Manager, the support group of all the other GREAT women I met there.... the list goes on and on.

Oh, did I forget to mention the Cricut Cake?
In kitchen red no less?
I have played with it a little, and am going to play with it more mind you. I did go out today and buy some fondant and gum paste, I only got two practice sheets to play with, and it's just not enough.
I took my husband along for the ride as I 'demoed' it for the first time. It took minutes to do this, and I know anyone else could do this too.
Want more? Find a local Micheal's in the months of May and June and see if they're doing the demos.

I haven't had My Expression for very long, (Going on almost two months.) and when HSN premiered the Cricut Cake, they also had the exclusive Straight From The Nest cartridge. I fell in love with the images, and bought it. So I've been playing around with that as well.

Because you know everything is better with glitter, right?
And I'm a bird fanatic, so I liked this cute little thing.
This would make a sweet card, don't you think?

I also got a Gypsy to play with, and my next post is going to highlight the reasons to buy a Gypsy. Because I never held a Gypsy in my hands until last Friday, and now that I understand it, I had to have one for myself. And now I do, bought one today actually.

I've been working on some really cool things, just need to add a few finishing touches and it will be like show and tell right here.
Have a Great weekend!

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Kifus said...

Oh dear no, I wouldn't poke you! Well, if you insist.
Never even heard of this machine of yours but it's fantastic! I love the little winged dragon on your pan... its little arms and legs.

Sorry to hear you've had headaches and shoulder pain. Hope you're feeling better.

Have a great week Roberta!