Monday, November 9, 2009

Birthday Party

I made a few things for Anya's birthday party this last weekend, and wanted to share.

This is the birthday banner I made from scrapbook paper, cardstock and ribbon. It's a running joke with my husband and I. I have a love for paper, and always fret over using it the right way. So after amassing so much of it, I was put on a restriction. And I was so proud about this, and he turned to me and said, "You're just trying to convince me it's time to buy more paper." Of all the nerve! And my motto is you can never have too much paper.
The table settings with cakes! I made six cakes total for this party, and I was told I was nuts. But one for the birthday girl, and the rest for the guests. I had a special order for banana cake, and I like chocolate, and having a one year old I wanted her to have white, so I made enough cake to please us all.

Now for the cakes, now keep in mind I was in a hurry because I NEEEDED to go to a craft show that morning, and there was a nap and you get the idea. I didn't get to clean up the plates, and some of the cake is showing through on two of the cakes, but it went over well enough I think. I used buttercream frosting, and chocolate buttercream. Pretty simple.

And I made party hats as well. I ended up having to hot glue them an hour before the party, they wouldn't stay together! And I know somewhere in my craft room there is a roll of silver string that stretches. I found the red and had to go with it. The birthday girl with her hat (though ever so briefly, she cannot stand things on her head, winter is going to be so much fun! And I adore hats!)-

Nikki turns eight in December, and I'm thinking of themes and ideas for her already. The weather this weekend was great, my mom is back from Vegas, and we'll be working on a book for her, it's so exciting! Lots of projects coming up, Thanksgiving, Christmas.... I need two more months!

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