Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Party Goodies

First I have to say Happy Birthday to my baby, Anya. She turns one today! It seems like I've been waiting for her birthday forever, but at the same time there is no way she could be one already! This is where I wistfully sigh and wonder where all the time goes.

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Now on to the goodies!
For the Halloween parties this year I made Mummy Dogs, those aren't pictured though. Those are easy enough to make actually, and a nice alternative to just plain hot dogs regularly. I grew up with my father demanding that hot dogs were not a meal. I cheat on this once in a while, and now I have a more dressed up excuse. I also made Monster Toes and Breadstick Bones. Those too are easy enough to make as well.

The bones went over very well.

A word to the wise on Monster Toes. Kindergarten age children are not so hip on them. The parents loved it, and even after we explained that it was a weenie with ketchup and a tortilla shell, they still wouldn't take any. But they looked cool dangit!

And now for a funny story.
Bobbing for apples this year seemed a bit risky. I remembered a game from my youth that had a donut on a string and you 'bobbed' for the donut. I thought this the perfect solution to the germ worries of everyone. So in my haste, I sent my husband off to Dunkin Donuts, for I was still busy making bones and other goodies! It wasn't until we got to the party I realized he bought the 'Harvest' donuts. With a orange frosting on a glazed donut. I can just imagine what went through the teacher's and other parent's heads that day. I thought I had stressed that he was to buy the cake donuts, but oh well. Hang the donuts from the ceiling, (and I had to be down in my son's class at this point, the teacher was out ill and had asked if I would run her party.) and no one in that room took into account the height of most of the children, so bobbing away they went, the rules are you can't use your hands, they have to stay behind your back! And hilarity ensues. Seriously, they did think I was nuts until they saw the kids going nuts trying to eat the donut off the string. And I give my husband a little credit, I saw some orange glazed faces that made me chuckle.

Have a great Wednesday!

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