Monday, November 2, 2009


I was pretty busy pumpkin-ing out for Halloween. I thought I'd share some of the pumpkins I carved/ decorated.

This was inspired by Martha Stewart.

On the top is the alien pumpkin, then we have Jimmy's scary pumpkin (mommy helped cut that out.), the etched BOO, Nikki's mean pumpkin, her creation alone, and Anya's 'holy' pumpkin.

Three mini pumpkins I hollowed out and took one of my carving tools for my clay to. Starry night, monogram with swirls, and harvest delight.

Onto the Funkins!
I call this beauty Viva Las Funkin!

All lit up in her gaudy glory!

Black spider webby. I used Martha Stewart glitter after painting the Funkin black. The web is a combination of antique silver and the glow in the dark glitter. And it does glow! I just couldn't get a good picture of it.

I nearly forgot my favorite! I saw this on a magazine cover, and upon close inspection I figured out they used a sticker, or rather lots of them. At nearly eight bucks for a sheet, and I'd need at least two, and the cost of the funkin, holy cow! So I bought sequin pins, and black sequins and did it myself. It took a while, I painted the pin heads black with an enamel, and pushing them through the Funkin was not easy. I have since added gems by the ends of the swirls, I will try to take another updated picture today.

Picture taken!

I was way more productive with pumpkin making this year than in years past. I took my time and didn't worry if it would be done on time. With the weather though I have to note that the owl pumpkin took out Jimmy's and one of the o's from BOO. I put them on an old ladder to maximize space, they rotted so quickly! More Halloween posts to follow.

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