Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nugget Boxes And A Tutorial!

A few years ago I ran across and learned how to make nugget boxes. They are a great gift for the holidays, I make a few dozen and hand them out to guests, teachers, as tips.... you get the idea. The great thing about these is you can use them all year long! Here is a completed box.

This tutorial is made with the Short 4 piece (2 by 2).

They also use cardstock, I used regular scrapbook for the original boxes in this post, but for the one I used in the tutorial I used the cardstock like paper. So with the smaller boxes, I don't really figure it matters how heavy the paper is.

Your supplies:
Paper cutter with ruler. Scissors. Pen. Ruler. Tape runner. Paper. Hershey's Nuggets. (The Nestle Treasure's are a different measurement)

I use 12 by 12 paper, and you can get three boxes from it. You can almost get the three bottom covers for it too if you're using the patterned paper, but you'll need another sheet for the third. This also does not count the paper for the wraps around the Nuggets either.
For the 12 by 12 sheet, you'll cut one side to 4 1/4 inches, then that piece you'll cut into two five inch pieces. With the original piece, you'll cut 7 3/8 out, and from that cut three 2 1/8 strips. From the last piece you'll cut to 5 inches, then 4 1/4 inches. You'll have this:

Paper for the three boxes only.

While you're cutting, if you want to cut pieces for the bottom of the box (I do.), the measurements for that are 3 1/4 inches by just under 2 inches. It will be long on the ends, but thats okay, you will fold up up later.
And the pieces for the Nugget wrap are 3 inches by 1 inch.

Now you'll take your pattern that you printed out from the site above, and mark the measurements for scoring/folding. I use my paper cutter for that, to make sure that my lines are straight, but you could do it with a ruler as well. You'll do the top and bottom, and they should look like this:

I don't have a scoring wheel on my paper cutter, nor do I have a bone folder. I took my daughter's foam placemat and traced the lines along a ruler and folded them over like so:

It scored it just fine.

You'll then cut along the shaded areas on your pattern. Fold along the rest of the lines.
Now for placing a matching piece of paper on the bottom of the box, and taping the sides together. In the picture the x's are where I put the tape, the x's with the arrow's indicate that you should tape on the other side. I put the bottom on, refold the ends, then tape the rest.

You'll start with folding one end like this:

Do the other end the same way.

After all folds are made, the bottom of your box should look like this:

Now for the top you'll just need to make sure all folds are sharp, and tape the outside of the short fold like this:

Here you can see the taped seam at the top of the picture:

The top should fit snug around the box. When regular scrapbook paper is used, it's slightly looser, but after the Nugget's are in there, it doesn't matter.

To wrap the Nuggets.

Run your tape runner down the backside and take one end of your paper you cut for that and hold it on one side like this:

A few others I've done:

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Katie said...

Great tutorial, with very clear pictures!

Lanie Ree said...

These are so cute! And I agree, awesome tutorial. I do not have skills like that- I get too impatient to do a full, clear tutorial.