Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Monogram Love

I've noticed that monograms are pretty popular right now, so I came up with this.
It's sitting (Well, actually hanging.) next to the stairs in the dining room.
Why do I love this? Well, I made it, for starters! But the frame, the colossal frame I actually got from Wal Mart for $2.50. (Because even though they usually put the clearance stuff at a buck or two off and call it good for the next several months, somehow this beauty escaped into a dimensional pocket to only reappear when I happened down the isle.)
I backed it with a wrapping paper I've had for about a year, (Maybe I should explain my love for paper goes far beyond scrapbook paper, I also have a wrapping paper addiction.) But I bought this with the intention of using it for something other than wrapping. It's not thick enough to Mod Podge with it though. It wrinkled up on my frame, sad!
I used white vinyl cut with the Cricut for the M. (One of the Cake carts, can't remember which right now.)
And voila! Love the colors! Love the monogram!


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