Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dollar Store Frames

You can do so much with those Dollar Store frames, I've made gifts, projects, the list goes on...
For the last month, my 4th of July hangings have been up in the dining room, and it was time for them to come down. But I don't have three items for that wall. (I do this all the time, I'll hang something cause it looks good, then later have holes or nails in the wall.) And this is the main wall between the kitchen and the living room, you have to walk by this to get anywhere in the house.
So last night I sat in my craft room, yearning to be creative. This last weekend I had bought three sheets of rub on's from Bo Bunny, I fell in love! I often buy things and have no direction of what I'm going to do with them. I've had things for years before I've used them. Please don't tell me I'm the only one that does this.
Actually, I don't need the confirmation, my husband does. I'm still using paper I bought five years ago! (And boy have my tastes and the styles changed, for the better!)
I'm babbling...
So I'm looking at the rub on's, thinking maybe I would bling out my storage units in the scrap area. Then it hit me, they're pretty enough to be a picture!
So two 4by6's and one 5by7 later, rubbed onto cardstock, watermark stamped for an added texture, and I have this....
I'll leave this up for about a month, then I'll be putting out the fall stuff. Then these pretties will go into my craft room.

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Lori@ Paisley Passions said...

I use $ Store frames all the time too. LOVE them! Yours turned out cute :) Just popping over from Today's Creative Blog.
@Paisley Passions
@Laughter & Memories

roberta_mac said...

Thank you!

Terrell said...

These are terrific!! I just love the style and how chic they are! I am happy to be your newest blog follower and would love to have you as a friend at FrouFrouDecor! I'm hosting at link party/giveaway every Friday and would love to have you link up your finds!! Hope to see you there!!
~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

roberta_mac said...

Thank you Terrell~! I love new followers! I'm going to follow you now too!